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On July 25, Kuehne+Nagel published its H1/2023 results. The according media release, the consolidated statement, and the analyst presentation can now be found here on our investor relations page.

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At Kuehne+Nagel, we believe that being open, honest, and transparent in everything we do will build trust with our stakeholders. We strive on a daily basis to connect people and goods through innovative and sustainable business solutions. It’s also important that we connect people with our financial results and investor relations. Please find recent presentations to the financial community below.

The H1/2023 results of the Kuehne+Nagel Group, including the usual financial data are now available below. The latest press release is also .

A recording of the conference call is now available below.

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Presentation Date of presentation Conference Presentation / Annual Report Financial Statement Stat books
Analyst six-months results 2023 July 2023
Analyst three-months results 2023 April 2023
Analyst year-end results 2022 March 2023
Annual Report 2022 English March 2023 Interactive
Capital Markets Day - Roadmap 2026 March 2023
Analyst nine-months results 2022 October 2022
Analyst six-months results 2022 July 2022
Analyst three-months results 2022 April 2022
Annual Report 2021 English March 2022 Interactive
Analyst year-end results 2021 March 2022
Analyst nine-months results 2021 October 2021
Analyst six-months results 2021 July 2021
Analyst three-months results 2021 April 2021
Annual Report 2020 English March 2021 Interactive
Analyst year-end results 2020 March 2021
Analyst nine-months results 2020 October 2020
Analyst half-year results 2020 July 2020
Analyst three-months results 2020 April 2020

For more information on our global network, corporate governance, financial performance, and sustainability principles, head to our interactive annual report.

For a more in-depth analysis of our financial results, here is a list of our upcoming events.

Financial Events

Date Financial Event
July 25, 2023 Half-year 2023 results
October 25, 2023 Nine-months 2023 results
March 1, 2024 Full-year 2023 results

Financial archive

If you would like even more information on our financial performance, our digital archive allows you to access annual reports going back to 2003.

2019 Results

Annual Report 2019
Analyst 2019 year-end results (PDF) (PDF) (XLS)
Analyst nine-months results 2019 (PDF) (PDF) (XLS)
Analyst six-months results 2019 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst first quarter results 2019 (PDF) (PDF)

2018 Results

 Annual report English Interactive
 Analyst 2018 year-end results (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst nine-months results 2018 (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst six-months results 2018 (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst first quarter results 2018 (PDF) (PDF)

2017 Results

Annual report 2017 English Interactive
Analyst 2017 year-end results (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst nine-months results 2017 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst six-months results 2017 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst first quarter results 2017 (PDF) (PDF)
Capital Markets Day 2017

2016 Results

Annual report 2016 English Interactive
Analyst 2016 year-end results (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst nine-months results 2016 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst six-months results 2016 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst first quarter results 2016 (PDF) (PDF)

2015 Results

Annual report 2015 English
Annual report 2015 German
Analyst 2015 year-end results (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst nine-months results 2015 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst six-months results 2015 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst first quarter results 2015 (PDF) (PDF)

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Annual Report 2014 English
Annual Report 2014 German
Analyst 2014 year-end results
 Analyst nine-months results 2014
Capital Markets Day 2014
Analyst six-months results 2014
Analyst first quarter results 2014

Annual report 2013 English
Annual report 2013 German
Analyst 2013 year-end results  (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst nine-months results 2013  (PDF)  (PDF)
Capital Markets Day 2013  (PDF)
Analyst six-months results 2013  (PDF)  (PDF)
Analyst first quarter results 2013  (PDF)  (PDF)

Annual report 2012 English
 Annual report 2012 Germany
 Analyst 2012 year-end results (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst nine-months results 2012 (PDF) (PDF)
 Capital Market Days Strategic Outlook (PDF)
 Analyst six-months results 2012 (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst first quarter results 2012 (PDF) (PDF)

Annual report 2011 English
Annual report 2011 German
Analyst 2011 year-end results (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst nine-month results 2011 (PDF) (PDF)
Capital Markets day Intro and Strategy (PDF)
Analyst six-months results 2011 (PDF) (PDF)
Analyst first quarter results 2011 (PDF) (PDF)
Key Data Sheet Q1 2011 vs. Q1 2010 - (PDF)

Annual report 2010 English
Annual report 2010 German
 Analyst 2010 year-end results (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst nine-month results 2010 Conference (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst six-month results 2010 (PDF) (PDF)
 Analyst first quarter results 2010 (PDF) (PDF)

Annual report 2009 English
Annual report 2009 German
Analyst Conference 2009 year-end results
Analyst six months results 2009 PDF
Annual report 2008 English
Annual report 2008 German
Analyst Conference 2008 year-end results
Analyst six months results 2008
Annual report 2007 English
Annual report 2007 German
Analyst Conference 2007 year-end results
Analyst six months results 2007
Annual report 2006 English
Annual report 2006 German
Analyst Conference 2006 year-end results
Analyst six months results 2006
Analyst report 2005 English
Analyst report 2005 German
Analyst Conference 2005 year-end results
Analyst six months results 2005
Annual report 2004 English
Annual report 2004 German