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Our exclusive automotive podcast series—Automotive Logistics Most Wanted—unpicks the latest developments surrounding logistics in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, preparing you and your business for an ever-evolving market.

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In this episode, we’re diving into the world of gigafactories. These enormous plants are pivotal in shaping a sustainable future for the transportation and energy sectors, showcasing pioneering manufacturing techniques and automation. However, the substantial investments required for such innovation often overshadow the role logistics and supply chain management play in keeping gigafactories running.

Beyond the impressive scale, an equally crucial narrative unfolds behind the scenes—the intricate choreography of managing the supply chains that sustain these manufacturing giants. Amidst the headlines about groundbreaking battery technologies, the story of gigafactory logistics remains unknown. Highlighting this pivotal aspect, Achim Glass, our Head of Global Business Development Automotive, uncovers the intricacies that keep gigafactories moving.

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  • Flagging the complexities and potential disruptions to gigafactory logistics
  • Proposing pragmatic solutions for an unobstructed gigafactory supply chain
  • Demonstrating how central gigafactory logistics is to the future of mobility

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Our debut podcast explores the emerging "cars in containers" market. With an increasing demand for Chinese EVs globally, manufacturers are shifting to container shipping, moving away from traditional RORO vessels. Faster transit times, efficiency, and flexibility are driving this change. Staggered delivery optimises inventory and reduces costs, while containers provide enhanced security and protection from theft and the elements.

Achim Glass, our Head of Global Business Development Automotive, shares his expertise to help you grasp this novel topic.

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  • Why the "cars in containers" market is booming, and how you can leverage this shift
  • An expert analysis of how the logistics industry is adapting to current EV market demands
  • The advantages of shipping EVs in containers as opposed to via RORO vessels

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Achim Glass, Head of Global Business Development Automotive

Achim Glass, Head of Global Business Development Automotive