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Back COVID-19 response – Our Airside solution

COVID-19 vaccines are already being shipped internationally and a global solution is imminent. And as the world watches, getting the vaccine into the right hands, at the right time, in exactly the right condition, could not be of greater importance. It’s absolutely critical.

Vaccines are highly susceptible to any variation in temperature, and even a minor deviation may affect both its quality and efficacy. To safeguard the integrity of such sensitive products, every moment of the logistics chain must be monitored.

And while the temperature within a package or an aircraft can be actively controlled, the loading and unloading process at an airport, is riskier. That is why Kuehne+Nagel has developed a dedicated solution to mitigate this specific risk. This Airside solution provides access to tarmacs and support by expert pharma teams at 30+ major airports worldwide.

powerball mn

powerball mn was created by Kuehne+Nagel’s GxP-certified experts to provide 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of temperature, humidity and location of shipments, ensuring that integrity and compliance are constantly maintained.

Dedicated airside teams stand by to greet the aircraft on the tarmac when it lands and supervise the loading up until the aircraft door closes. This, combined with real-time IoT monitoring, allows for unparalleled visibility and accountability. These dedicated teams and their strict processes mean safe and viable transport and storage of the COVID-19 vaccines at airports worldwide.

A trusted partner

This commitment to compliant operations led aircraft maintenance and operations (MRO) specialist FEAM to choose Kuehne+Nagel exclusively as its trusted partner across the U.S for pharmaceutical products. Through this partnership, FEAM offers a complimentary airside service to ensure that the Kuehne+Nagel suite of services extends to the aircraft, tarmac and surrounding warehouses.

Fred Murphy, CEO of FEAM, says: “While we had interest from other logistics companies about partnering up for airside services, it wasn’t until talking to Kuehne+Nagel that we really wanted to be in this space.”

The Kuehne+Nagel Airside solution commits to offering quality and safety and ultimately the peace of mind that sensitive pharmaceuticals – like the COVID-19 vaccines - will reach their destination safely and in perfect condition.

Fred Murphy continues: “We see this commitment day in and day out – and they demand the same of our people out on the ramp. This commitment to excellence is communicated up and down the chain of command.”

Listen to Kuehne+Nagel’s Rob Coyle in the Reuters podcast “The Exchange – Journey of a vaccine” and hear more about our vaccine logistics and our commitment to doing our part in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide.